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Comprehensive group therapy options at STG Health

Most groups run online so that participants from across the province can join.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is beneficial for individuals with BPD, ADHD, and Insomnia. In this setting, they can share experiences, challenges, and coping strategies. It promotes understanding, acceptance, and learning. Group therapy enhances interpersonal skills and a sense of belonging. It provides insights and mutual support for managing symptoms and improving well-being.

STG Health runs various DBT groups for treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Currently, the DBT Basic (24 sessions) and DBT Advanced (14 sessions) is being offered.

Using CBT-i (6 sessions), participants learn how to manage their sleep and sleep hygiene to improve their sleep quality.

Starting in early 2024, STG Health will be running ADHD Management groups for youth and adults (10 sessions)

Other Groups

From time to time STG Health also offers other group sessions, including parenting classes for managing difficult childhood behaviours.

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