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STG Health Services provides integrated private health therapies and education services in Saskatchewan. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families struggling with difficulties like anxiety, picky eating, ADHD, language development, movement, and more! Are you ready to cultivate the change you desire? Start your journey toward that change by partnering with STG today!

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When your family or yourself works with STG Health Services Inc., you can rely on the support of a team of passionate professionals. We love what we do. 

STG operates outside of the traditional assessment or therapy box. Our professionals remove barriers to progress. They start with the end in mind by combining best practices from a multidisciplinary standpoint.

Integrated (mental) health counselling and consulting, psycho-education, as well as specific programs, are available at STG Health Services Inc. through Telehealth (Zoom) or in-person.

* Saskatoon branch opening in 2022.

Services for Yourself

Various programs to help you live a live worth living.

Services for your Child

Consultation to help parents manage difficult childhood behaviours.

Latest STG Articles

8 Week DBT Mindfulness Skills Training

Manage Emotions

Mindfulness is a powerful way of living that is accessible to anyone, regardless of your beliefs. Learn more about how Mindfulness can help you further your life.
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Clarity for Yourself

Disruptive Child Behaviours

NVR - SPACE for Managing your Child's Behaviours

Effective Parenting

Dealing with difficult childhood behaviour - anxiety, self-harm, picky eating, ADHD - does not have to be a struggle. Learn how you can effectively manage behaviours at home.

Difficulties at School

NEW: STG Dyslexia Screening

Difficulties with Reading?

Even though most children struggle with learning how to read, 1 in about 10 kids will continue to struggle through development. The STG Dyslexia Screening can help determine challenges early enough for remediation.
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Integrated health services, simplified. It is that simple. Professional supports, no waiting lists, and quality control to help you and your family succeed. Get in touch.

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STG Health Services Specialists are ready to help you and/or your child with continuing a Life worth Living.

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