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It’s common to feel tired after making a series of decisions.

Decision fatigue, which refers to the mental exhaustion and difficulty in making choices, is a frequent challenge encountered by individuals with ADHD. However, it is worth noting that there exist a variety of strategies and approaches that can be employed to effectively address and alleviate this issue. By implementing these strategies, individuals can enhance their ability to manage decision-making processes and mitigate the impact of decision fatigue on their daily lives.

Master the skill of directing and maintaining your attention, intention, and focus.

Speeding tickets

Road rage, speeding, and the risk of getting speeding tickets are common challenges faced by many individuals with ADHD, requiring them to exert extra effort in managing these issues.

Misplacing items

It is a common occurrence for everyday items like keys, phones, and toothbrushes to be misplaced or lost, leading to a significant amount of time being devoted to locating them.

Focus and Concentration

Emotional regulation is about effectively managing and coping with emotions. It involves learning strategies to increase awareness, tolerate distress, and respond in a balanced way.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Interpersonal effectiveness is about improving communication and relationships. It involves learning skills to assert needs, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts effectively.

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Anchoring your skills

Although mindfulness may seem straightforward, many people face life with a limited perspective. They often get caught up in their thoughts and lose sight of the present moment. This program offers specially modified exercises that can accommodate those with busy and disorganized minds, eliminating the need for stillness or “emptying the mind”. While medication can be effective for individuals with ADHD, it is important to explore and develop additional skills that can complement or even replace medication.

The STG eight-week ADHD Management program is designed to help you enhance your skills through Mindfulness Awareness Practices (MAPs) specifically tailored for individuals with ADHD. This comprehensive program provides a deep understanding of the causes and treatments for ADHD and insights into the neuroscience involved. It includes mindfulness-based interventions and addresses the impact of ADHD on daily life management. Throughout the program, clients are guided through mindful exercises aimed at improving concentration, which can be particularly challenging for individuals with ADHD or those who are new to meditation.

If you have been struggling with attention, focus, and impulse control, learning ADHD management skills could benefit you. These struggles may have had a negative impact on various aspects of your life. The program aims to help you overcome feelings of overwhelm and emotional distress while also working on executive functions such as organization, planning, and problem-solving. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance your confidence in areas such as relationships and work.

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At STG, we strongly believe that no one should be pressured to decide whether or not they want to work with a therapist before meeting them. A therapist will see you (or you and your child) at no charge in an online secure session to ensure a good fit for each other. Every therapist works in their unique way, so we want you (or you and your child) to be sure to feel comfortable with how we work. The initial meeting is not a therapy session; it’s designed to be low-key and low-pressure. 

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