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DBT Skills Training

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DBT Skills Training for Adults (Group)

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is a treatment developed by psychologist, Marsha Linehan. This therapy has been designed specifically to help clients cope with difficulties such as regulating intense emotions, anger, impulsiveness, among other problem behaviours. Much of what you will learn during DBT is ways in which you can manage and maintain a more positive outlook on life despite overwhelming circumstances.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy consists of two components: individual therapy and DBT Skill Training. During DBT Skills Training, participants learn skills that are essential for living a life worth living. These skills are applied to the participant’s own situation during individual therapy. 

DBT Skills Training helps individuals experiencing a wide range of behavioral and emotional difficulties learn to identify and change negative thought and behavior patterns.

Skills training groups are held weekly in eight-week blocks. Each eight-week block includes the Mindfulness module (2 weeks) and one of the following modules: Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, or Interpersonal Effectiveness.

DBT Saskatchewan

We now have a dedicated website for the DBT services we provide in Saskatchewan: DBTSaskatchewan.com

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In general, STG Health Services can provide services through video conferencing anywhere in Saskatchewan, as long as a broadband highspeed Internet connection is available.

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