STG Service Availability

STG Health Services - La Ronge

Various programs are available, some in a group format, and others as individual therapy. 

Child and Youth Programs

Ongoing Intake for Cool Kids program (CBT)

New group starting in Winter 2022.

Ongoing Intake

Ongoing Intake

Ongoing Intake

Individual, starting in Fall 2022.

Individual, starting in Fall 2022.

Adult Programs

Ongoing Intake

Ongoing Intake for September 2022 Intake

Please contact STG Health Services for details

Make sure to contact us about opportunities for services in between the above timeframe.

Free Intake / Orientation Appointment

Book an intake appointment to explore opportunities about helping yourself or your child.

The Smart Way to Progress

Why wait with getting assistance? Often delaying getting help for yourself or your child only makes the situation become more complex. The outdated philosophy of “Wait to Fail” has never been beneficial for anyone. The time for change is good, and perhaps the time for change is now.