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DBT Mindfulness Training

Comprehensive research-based introduction to Mindfulness.

Perhaps you have been wondering about mindfulness. Or maybe you are curious about the differences between mindfulness skills and mindfulness practice. What is essential to think about are the three core skills of mindfulness: the notion of observing, paying attention, and being non-judgmental.

There are lots of different ways to practice mindfulness. You can do mindfulness in meditation; you can do it in exercises such as yoga or classical martial arts. Even contemplative prayer is a kind of mindfulness.

What I did in developing the DBT Mindfulness skills was I took what I had learned from my own teachers who taught me mindfulness, and then I tried to figure out what exactly were they telling me to do, because I found out that a lot of people can't meditate. They either don't want to meditate or they're too distressed to meditate. I also thought: Well, mindfulness isn't exactly meditation. That's just one way of practicing a Mindfulness skill.

Marsha Linehan then structured the exact skills that she was taught, and then she broke it down into specific behavioural steps, in other words, specific steps anyone can do. And that is what DBT Mindfulness skills are. If you put them all together again into one package, they become a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness itself has an enormous number of positive outcomes, and the positive outcomes have to do with helping people have a sense of themselves more than they had before. Mindfulness also has research-proven biological effects, which is to say that they make you feel better physically.

Another fabulous value of mindfulness practice is that it helps you focus attention on things that are very important to you. You can attend to yourself when those things are important. You can focus on what it is that you need to do next. And in other words, one of the great things about mindfulness skills is that they teach you how to focus your own mind.

This Mindfulness is a great way to learn how to manage the emotions that come with depression. It is also a great way to learn how to avoid the triggers that cause these emotions. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions in a healthy way.


I have been struggling with my mental health for years. I have tried many different treatments but nothing has helped me. I heard about DBT mindfulness training and decided to try it out. I am so glad that I did because it has helped me immensely. I feel like my life is finally getting better.


I always felt like I was on edge and nothing could calm me down. My therapist suggested that I try DBT Mindfulness Skill training. It has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. It is a great way to relieve stress and to just take a break from your day for a few minutes for yourself.


    DBT Mindfulness Skills Training 2023

    Mindfulness-based stress management techniques have been proven effective in the treatment of stress- and anxiety-based disorders. Mindfulness is a powerful way of living that is accessible to anyone, regardless of your beliefs. A secular approach to mindfulness, DBT Mindfulness teaches people how to slow down and savor life and cultivate peace in relationships through a disciplined yet open awareness of the present moment. Ultimately people learn how to experience life more fully and learn not just to accept the reality of their experience but also change it for the real betterment of themselves and others around them by learning how to live in their daily lives instead of letting their lives run them.

    Boiling down to what is most important is to realize we only have "just this one moment". That is all that exists. Nothing exists than just this one moment.

    Mindfulness sounds simple, but most people go through life with a tunnel vision-like experience. We generally tune out to our actual experiences and get distracted by thoughts of those occurrences. Most of us are so conditioned to engage with our thoughts rather than the present moment that we can easily lose sight of what is happening right in front of us.

    Highlights of the Course

    The course includes a Mindfulness reflection activity during each session. Participants combine practice, learning, and application in each session.

    • No Experience Required

      The DBT Mindfulness program is excellent for novice participants. No need to have any prior Mindfulness experience.

    • All Materials Included

      Participants receive a digital workbook with the worksheets that are used during many of the sessions.

    • Learning Evironment

      For the duration of the course, you will get access to the STG Learning Environment for the DBT Mindfulness training. This includes some exclusive resources.

    • Certificate of Completion

      Participants are awarded a Certification of Completion at the end of the course.

    Spring 2023 Cohort

    The fee includes access to all sessions for the duration of 8 weeks and materials. Four additional shorter sessions are  optional as reflection sessions. The Fall 2022 cohort is currently in progress. We do not accept new registrations.

    • 8 Weeks - DBT Mindfulness CAD 360

      Includes access to the online classroom and all materials.


    • Target Audience: Adults across Saskatchewan
    • Maximum of 12 Participants
    • Start date: TBD
    • Saturday mornings, 10:00am - 12:00am Regina Time Zone.
    • Online, through Zoom.
    • Theme: "Continue a Life Worth Living."

    You are interested in taking the training? Please add your information and you will be contacted once registration for the Spring 2023 cohort opens. Registration for our DBT Mindfulness programs fills up quickly after registration is open, therefore we cannot guarantee placing all pre-registrants for the training. Placing yourself on the Pre-Registration list is free. You will be charged the registration fee only when your registration into the program has been successful.

    By signing this form, you indicate your voluntary placement on the waiting list for the DBT Mindfulness Skills Training. You acknowledge that this training does not replace any ongoing professional mental health support, nor does it address situations or behaviours that require an immediate response. After a spot becomes available, participation in this training releases STG Health Services Inc. and the training facilitators from any and all liability.

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    8 Weeks of Learning

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