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Chris de Feijter Ed.D. | Managing Partner La Ronge Mental Health Services
About STG Health Services - La Ronge Mental Health Services (Private)

Northern Saskatchewan

STG Health Services Inc – La Ronge Branch provides behavioural supports and counselling for parents of children with difficult social and emotional behaviours. In addition, adults are welcome to seek guidance and consulting about their own social and emotional functioning. 

Specializing in Supports for Parents & Working with Dysregulated Adults.

Don't try to change the child, instead change how you address your child's behavioural difficulties.

Living a Life worth Living

There is only a now. From that point, we can learn how to reprocess the past, and plan for the future. No matter if we work with ourselves or with our children: the focus is similar.

Free Intake / Orientation Appointment

Book an intake appointment to explore opportunities about helping yourself or your child.

The Smart Way to Progress

Why wait with getting assistance? Often delaying getting help for yourself or your child only makes the situation become more complex. The outdated philosophy of “Wait to Fail” has never been beneficial for anyone. The time for change is good, and perhaps the time for change is now.