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Professionally assessed online in brief format and highly reliable.

Perhaps you have been wondering about your child’s cognitive capacity but you do not want to go for a long and expensive IQ assessment? Or maybe your child has an interest in understanding their own cognitive capacity, and you do not want to do a free unreliable online assessment.

Parents and children often wonder about their own IQ, and most people these days have done IQ tests. It is great to book a psychological assessment to understand strengths and challenges, however, these assessments are often very expensive and unnecessary in most cases.

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The STG IQ Screening

How we Measure IQ

There are various professional ways IQ (intelligence Quotient) can be measured. Some assessment are lengthy and go in great detail, whereas other assessments are screeners to provide a brief but reliable explanation.

There are various reasons why you might want to do the STG IQ screening. Perhaps you always had an interest in determining your child’s IQ but you do not want your child go through a lengthy psychological assessment for no reason. Another reason might be that you have some concerns about your child’s ability, and you are wondering if a full psychological assessment might be needed. The STG IQ screening can answer both questions in a reliable manner.

A reliable standardized screening
The STG IQ screening uses a professional and standardized screening instrument that can only be used by qualified professionals. This means that when administered properly and your child attends the full appointment in a serious manner, you will get reliable results.

What the STG IQ Screening Measures

The STG IQ Screening consists of two essential measurements that combined provide a IQ score indication. Since each assessments reports IQ differently, it is normal to see different outcomes on different tests.

For this subtest, your child follows the following direction from the examiner: “Listen carefully while I read you a question. When I finish, tell me your answer.”

For this subtest, your child follows the following direction from the examiner: “Look at this picture. Point to the one that doesn’t belong, the one that doesn’t go with the others.”

Why Screening for IQ?

Many children with dyslexia excel in some areas of their development and learning, including:

How does the STG IQ Screening Happen?

The STG IQ Screening helps families better understand their child’s cognitive capacity without needing to book a long and expensive psychological assessment.

Official IQ Screening Online

STG uses the only research-based standardized assessment for remote administration to determine if your child. It does not take long, your child’s participation is about 15 minutes.

  • An Official Assessment

    This is not some kind of self-made assessment to measure if your child fits well with a program. This test is a standardized assessment made by a well-known neuropsychologist.

  • No Waiting List

    No need to wait anymore, STG Health Services Inc, can respond to your child's needs within 10 business days.

  • A Screening Report that is Helpful

    Most informal IQ screeners do not provide any research-based recommendations. The STG Screening Report contains three recommendations specifically tailored for your child.

  • Finally Clarity!

    Now you can stop wondering and worrying about your child's reading progress. The results of our screening brings clarity!

Registration Details

The STG IQ Screening can be done with children who are at least 3 years and zero months old. They do need to have the ability to use the mouse to point to the answer of their choce.

You will need a PC, Mac, or Laptop for the Screening appointment. A phone does not work. You will need to have Zoom installed on your device as well. In addition, a quiet space and a set of ear phone for your child to do the screening are essential.

You will be emailed a link to complete the intake screener. The more information you provide about your child's language development, the better your examiner can assist you.

You can book the appointment right after you register, however, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the intake questionnaire.

First you will meet with your examiner, who is a professional highly trained in evaluating children. Together you'll go over the questionnaire.

Next, your child's attends the screening part of the appointment: about 15 to 25 minutes of dedicated time working together with the examiner. Your child will first practice using the ZOOM annotation tool, and then participates in the screening.

The examiner will analyze the screening results online while you wait. This might take a few minutes. Then, the examiner will discuss the results with you and connects the screening results to the findings from the questionnaire. If deemed beneficial - for example the screening and questionnaire suggest that your child might be at risk of an intellectual impairment - your examiner might recommend further assessment through the STG Assessment of Learning Phases 2 to 5. You will receive an STG IQ Screening Evaluation Note as a secure PDF within 5 days after the screening appointment.

Absolutely. The STG IQ Screening service is unique and research-based. It is a restricted assessment that can only be purchased and used by examiners who are qualified to do so.

No. This screening does not provide any diagnosis.

In some cases, your examiner would want to re-evaluate your child's performance during the screening test. But rest assured, after the final delivery of the screening results, the recording will be deleted. Please note that the recording is saved in a HIPAA compliant environment.

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STG uses a screening instrument that is part of an official neuropsychological assessment.
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