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Who is part of STG Health Services Inc.?

All of us Need Help some of the Time

Don’t apologize for asking for Help

STG Health Services Inc. has Partners, Associates, and Advisors. The partners and associates are responsible for the daily services delivery to clients, whereas the advisors provide guidance and consultative support.

STG Partners

STG Associates


Jamie Perkins, M.Sc.

Speech & Language Pathologist

Sophia Khan B.Sc., RD. | Registered Dietician

Sophia Khan B.Sc., RD.

Registered Dietician

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Our mission is to help our clients succeed!

Our Culture

None of us is as smart as all of us.

That’s right. Although each of us is extremely passionate about their professional field, it is the power of collaboration that helps connect the dots when things get difficult. With STG you have a team of professionals working with you rather than one individual professional.